• 226ERS Isotonic Gel 68g - Mint & Blueberry

226ERS Isotonic Gel 68g - Mint & Blueberry

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ISOTONIC ICE GEL: They contain menthol, a precursor to the sensation of cold. Oral administration of menthol stimulates the palatine and trigeminal nerves, improving thermal comfort as it reduces the sensation of suffocation and causes a feeling of well-being, as well as freshness while we breathe. All these adjustments in temperature perception improve performance.

Its main characteristic is that no water is required for its intake since the gel contains the necessary amount for its consumption.This feature is a great advantage if you don't have so much water on you, or if you are running low on water during a long distance race or competition.

ISOTONIC ICE GEL is an energy gel in which the main source of carbohydrates is cyclodextrin, a cutting-edge carbohydrate that provides improved and more efficient glycogen replenishment.

  • It provides prolonged energy release, which is ideal during and after exercise.
  • A lower insulin peak, favouring the use of glucose at cellular level over a shorter timespan while maintaining the blood sugar level for longer.
  • Rapid gastric emptying thanks to its high molecular weight and low osmolality, favouring digestion and reducing secondary gastrointestinal effects.
  • Does not inhibit fat burning.

In a 68g, 89kcal stick format, it contains 22g of carbohydrates per unit, of which practically the entirety are complex hydrates and only 1.4 g is sugar.

Isotonic Ice Gel carries the seal of the Cologne List, the world’s first and largest doping prevention platform for nutritional supplements.

The “Cologne List” only includes rigorously tested products to ensure through analyses and labelling checks that the manufacturers do not use in their products any prohibited substances included in the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) list.

The aromas used are natural and achieve really good flavours.

ISOTONIC ICE GEL is available in 2 flavours:

  • Mint
  • Blueberry Mint.

    NET WEIGHT: 68g

    PACK TYPE: Stick.

    PRODUCT STORAGE: Keep tightly closed in a cool dry place (max. 25º). Do not refrigerate.

    EXPIRY: 18 months from date of manufacture.

    Isotonic energy gel with cyclodextrin, menthol, natural aromas and stevia.