2XU Men's Compression Full Zip Sleeved Trisuit : MT4838D

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The 2XU Compression Full Zip Sleeved Trisuit uses powerful, graduated compression to increase circulation, bringing more oxygen to muscle tissues. Plus, it stabilizes key muscles so you can train harder with reduced effort and risk of injury. And when it comes to recovery, 2XU compression gets you back in the game faster and on the road to your next win.


  1. PWX 105D Compression. Utilising 2XU's proprietary 105D fabric for maximum support for greater ensurance and reduced fatigue with less muscle oscilation and improved muscle positioning for improved power on a bike.
  2. ICE X Technology. Utilising the worlds most advanced cooling techonoloy. We have yarns with Xylitol for surface fabric cooling, UV reflectors so garment will not absorb the heat from the sun rays and nylon cooling yarn for 3 cooling factors in one.
  3. Memory Tech LD Chamois with Y Elastic Grip. Multi-layered foam technology gives you the optimal cushioning in the areas you require the most while still being discreet on the run.