2XU Men's Elite Cycle Bib Shorts- MC5426B (MMB/PHY)

  • $151.20 SGD
  • $189.00 SGD
  • - $37.80 SGD
The 120D ALTA BADIA chamois provides the ultimate comfort for all ride distances, while the Italian-engineered low-profile bib strap adds to overall garment comfort.

  1. VELO POWER Velo Power utilises Italian-made high-filament nylon yarns coupled with high-denier Lycra fibres for durability and muscle-holding ability.

  2. ALTA BADIA CHAMOIS Italian-made maximum 120 density foam chamois with multi-zoned padding and pre-shaped technology to provide the ultimate comfort. Engineered as a seamless one-piece design, perforated for excellent breathability and enhanced moisture management, with a low profile outer edge to prevent chafing. Antibacterial protection has been added for anti-odour control.