2XU Men's MCS X Training Compression Tights-MA5365B (BLK/NRO)

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  • $179.00 SGD
  • - $35.80 SGD


  • MCS mapping targeted to glutes, hamstring and calf muscles
  1. Hamstring mapping - helps prevent impact during the acceleration/deceleration phases of running. Also provides greater support when squatting in defensive positions or preparing to take a shot
  2. Glute mapping - work with hamstrings to hyperextend hips which move thigh back during running and jumping activities in basketball
  3. Calf mapping - provides greater support to help maintain balance and stabilization during rapid multidirectional movement, and through the phases of running and impact of jumping and weaving
  • Compression support to entire leg with PWX Flex 70D to front panels and PWX Weight 105D to back panels
  • Graduated compression for improved recovery
  • Drawstring waistband for secure fit
  • Flatlock seams to reduce chafing

    1. MCS mapping targets the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves to reduce strain and muscle soreness
      Glute mapping targets and activates glutes and aids postural awareness for pelvic and lower back stability
      Hamstring mapping reduces muscle strain and injury from lifts and squats
      Quadriceps mapping reduces impact from running, jumping and squatting
      Calf mapping reduces strain and injury from the acceleration and deceleration phases of running
    2. Compression support to entire leg with PWX Flex 70D front panels and  PWX Weight 105D back panels for coverage in the right places.
    3. Graduated compression increases circulation for improved recovery and reduced muscle stiffness post-exercise
    4. Flexible waistband for comfortand extended wear
    5. Flatlock seams to reduce chafe
    6. Moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry