• 2XU Men's XTRM Compression Shorts-MR3131B (BLK/SCT)

2XU Men's XTRM Compression Shorts-MR3131B (BLK/SCT)

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  • $79.00 SGD
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For long course enthusiasts, 2XU has developed this XTRM Compression Short. Featuring 105D/CK fabric for unparalleled strength, muscle stabilization in key regions, enhanced circulation and reduced lactic acid, optimal power and endurance is offered.

You€™ll feel the extra support and stability with the new X SUPPORT system as it wraps over key muscle groups with its long-leg cut. Increase power and stretch out endurance at the same time as the XTRM Compression Short helps cut down on muscle damage, fatigue and lactic acid, while increasing circulation. Finished with 10" length for protection against the elements.