2XU Women’s Mid Panel Compression Tight WA6114b

  • $85.00 SGD
  • $189.00 SGD
  • - $104.00 SGD


These tights are ideal for both low and high-impact training and competition. With a wide power comfort waistband for a streamlined fit and graduated compression to protect muscles from fatigue and injury, these are the ideal tights for all physical activity.

Fabric Benefits:

1. Lightweight yet powerful PWX fabric
2. Durable yarns that outlast the competition
3. Multi-directional stretch
4. Flexible and breathable
5. Moisture-wicking yarns to keep the skin cool and dry
6. UPF50+ sun protection

Compression Benefits:

1. Reduced muscle fatigue and soreness
2. Reduced muscle damage and risk of overuse injuries
3. Improved performance and muscle alignment
4. Increased agility
5. Faster recovery

Recommended Activity:

Ball Sports