• 2XU Youth Boys Compression Long Tight-CA2549B (BLK/BLK)

2XU Youth Boys Compression Long Tight-CA2549B (BLK/BLK)

  • $60.00 SGD
  • $75.00 SGD
  • - $15.00 SGD

The 2XU Youth Compression Long Tights delivers unparalleled powerful, targeted support to the legs to enhance training, game day and recovery afterwards.  To lessen the chance of injury, stability is offered to key muscle including abductors, glutes, quads and hamstrings. With heightened circulation, oxygen and nutrients are delivered more efficiently throughout the body, and lactates removed quicker from the bloodstream.The 2XU range also offers antibacterial and odour resistant fabrics as well as flat lock stitching for a more personalised and enhanced comfort.