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It provides a perfect thermal protection thanks to its unique knitting that boosts air circulation and enables a perfect balance between external air and body temperature.

Thus you are fully protected from the cold and sudden temperature variations.

Its fibers effectively wick moisture away and dry fast. It’s so light - 180 grams only - that you’ll soon forget you’re wearing it.

This hoodie is seamless and made of very soft microfibers to prevent any risk of friction or itchiness.

Every detail, from the loose fit cut to the fibers have been thought to deliver a high level of comfort and freedom of movement. It will soon become your favourite hoodie for all types of situations whether it is for after your gym

session, for your early morning run or simply for your sunday outing.


Thermo-regulating - Its unique weaving favors the circulation of the air and allows a perfect balance between the outside and the interior.

Lightweight - Does not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.

Softness of the fibres - The hoodie offers an exceptional softness for peach skin touch guaranteed without irritation.g workout.