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Envelop your ankles and calves in this soft and supportive silicone-lined cal sleeve. If you suffer from pain, past injury or a susceptibility to injury in your Achilles tendon – especially during vigorous activity – then these guards are the ones for you.

Woven using elite medical grade compression equipment and developed with physiotherapists, doctors and athletes, these sleeves provide targeted compression where you need it most. They will reduce tension and lactic acid build up, encourage blood circulation and help to eradicate toxins.

Every movement you make whilst wearing the sleeves will trigger a ‘micro-massage’, which will help you to recover more quickly. The compressive fabric will absorb shocks and vibrations to the muscles – reducing your risk of injury – by stabilising your lower legs and providing support to your muscles.

The USV2s stand out in terms of shock absorption due to a clever 'K-Protect' knee-protection tab and their innovative silicone absorbing fibres.

Key Features:

    SHOCK ABSORPTION - the knee-protection tab and silicone absorbing fibres offer superior shock absorption.

    ULTRA SUPPORTIVE – the compressive nature of the fabric will combat muscle oscillations and provide stability. The USR2 sleeves surround the ankle to provide cushioning and vital support.

    RECOVERY ENHANCING – by increasing the amount of oxygen reaching your muscles and reducing toxicity, the guards will help you to recover more quickly.

    TAILOR FIT – as the sleeves are sized according to your leg muscle size they offer compression where you need it most.

    THERMODYNAMIC – the guards will help to encourage circulation to the surface of the skin and can improve your thermo-regulation by 51%. Compressport’s unique woven fabric can ‘mirror-effect’ your skin to provide further temperature control.

    INJURY PREVENTATIVE - the sleeves help to prevent muscle tears, joint pain, contractures, micro-injuries and muscle fatigue due to an innovative knee protection tab (that does not hinder the movement of your knees).