Compressport ErgoFlask Handheld - Mont Blanc 2021:Blue:500ml - CU00062L_500

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How long have you wished for a flexible drink flask that you can actually carry in your hand as you run? Our convenient, flexible Handheld ErgoFlask combines convenience with efficiency and ergonomics to make hydration ultra easy. Slide your index and fingers through the novel silicone loops for optimal grip as you're negotiating the trail. The wide opening helps to fill quickly at aid stations during a race, saving precious seconds. If you don't want to carry it, the smooth outer surface and slim shape allow the trail running flask to be slid easily into a bag, trail belt or pack. Guaranteed leak-proof, it shrinks as the liquid disappears, preventing sloshing and taking up minimum volume when empty. The fast-flow bite valve is intuitive, perfect when your attention is focussed on the trail underfoot. Eco-friendly and durable, the flask is guaranteed 100% PVC and BPA-free so you can safely use it, wash it and use it again. The limited Mont Blanc edition features mountain-inspired graphics to remind you of the task (flask) in hand. Dropping your hydration on the run is now a worry of the past.



Wide opening for fast and efficient filling at aid stations, combined with intuitive bite valve for easy drinking
Reduces volume as it empties: the flask shrinks as you drink to avoid annyoing sloshing noises and taking up excess volume when empty
Made from100% BPA & PVC free plastic, the flask is safe and durable so you can use, wash and use again