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Loose versus tight has long been a debate in the running world. By all accounts, it comes down to personal preference and aesthetics. If you are into a less agressive look, the Trail shorts 2-in-1 combo offers high performance in a relaxed design. Cut from an ultra-thin, featherweight membrane material and weighing barely 35 grams, the loose overshort allows optimal freedom of movement. The fabric is soft and slinky, moving as you run without catching between the thighs. Hydrophobic, it will not retain water and stays light. Below, soft microfibre shorts keep your thighs covered, and everything above securely in place. Seamless and ajusted, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable irritation in the groin area. The layer is well-ventilated, quickly wicking away sweat to keep sporty odours and chafing at bay. The fit is completed with a wide, comfortable waistband and added drawstring for easy ajustment. Integrated pockets in the belt carry nutrition and small personal belongings. Lightweight, breathable and relaxed, the 2-in-1 shorts will keep you feeling fresh, covered and fast on the trail.


  • Loose overshort for a relaxed look combined with an integrated, adjusted boxer for maximum comfort and support when running
  • Ultra-light and non-irritating membrane material which allows optimal freedom of movement without catching between the thighs
  • Trail-specific waistband with integrated pockets to conveniently carry nutrition and small personal belongings