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Developed in Switzerland to meet the needs of the pro athletes, the Oxygen Under Control Shorts Kona Series deliver the perfect muscle support with unprecedented comfort, thermoregulation and excellent ventilation.

The graduated compression improves muscle oxygenation, absorbs shocks and reduces the risk of injury.

The ventilation area provide a maximum aeration as heat and sweat are evacuated immediately.

Optimal thermal regulators, they help your body maintain a constant temperature, a very valuable asset to face the hot and humid weather of Kona.

The new ultra-stretchy weave makes our shorts even more flexible and comfortable to wear on ultra-long distances. Ergonomic, the shorts stay put from start to finish.

The pad is extremely comfortable, soft and ultra-breathable with a multitude of small perforations. Its foam is made with an optimized density so that it does not crush and regains its shape instantly every time you stand to pedal.

With their minimalist, seamless design and stretchable fibers, the shorts will become a second skin. You move freely without constraints and perform effortlessly.

•  Oxygen compression: muscle oxygenation, shock absorption reduced by 30%, reduced risk of injury.
•  Second skin cut: thanks to its design, weaving and fibers, the shorts naturally adjusts to your thighs and does not move.
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