Compressport Unisex Pro Racing Socks v3.0 Run High - Born To SwimBikeRun 2021 - XU00042L_522

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Take a few seconds to pull these on in transition, because we guarantee there will be no slowing after T2 with the Swim-Bike-Run Pro Racing Socks. Packed with cutting-edge technologies, they are designed to give you maximum support all the way to the finish line. With specific fibres to prevent hot spots and overheating, burning up the Kona tarmac need no longer be synonymous with burning up your soles. The fabric is highly ventilated thanks to an original airy-weave, quickly wicking away moisture as you run through aid stations. Cleverly-placed 3D.Dots on the internal malleolus protect the bone from impact if you are a runner who tends to clip their ankle with the opposing foot. Our signature targeted compression boosts blood flow, keeping your legs fresh even when your quads are screaming. And because we know how long an Ironman can take, the toe box is reinforced to reduce the risk of blisters and blood-soaked shoes. The tight foot arch also prevents the material from twisting and irritating as the distance builds. With colours to remind you of dark lava fields, lush green palms and deep blue seas, these classic crew socks won't take stopping for an answer. So will it be Ironman Nice, or are you aiming for the Big Island?



Hot spot prevention thanks to specific fibres in targeted areas which stop your feet from feeling hot and burning up during running
Anti-slip technologies which prevent the fabric from moving or folding as you run and increase the grip of the foot in the shoe
Breathable and highly-ventilated fabric, ensuring sweat and moisture are quickly wicked away so feet stay fresh and dry

Product net weight

34.00 g


94% PA 6% EA

Wash & care instructions



The cushioning effect of the 3D.DOTS at the rear of the sock protect the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure.


T1 35-38 3,5-6 5-7,5 2,5-5 3-5,5 33-36
T2 39-41 6,5-8 8-9,5 5,5-7 6-7,5 37-39
T3 42-44 8,5-10,5 10-12 7,5-9,5 8-10 40-42
T4 45-48 11-13,5 12,5-15 10-12,5 10,5-13 43-46