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The all new ROAD CLAW 275 brings together all we have learned in the mountain to deliver an ultra smooth ride with Inov-8’s iconic grip in a road shoe. No matter how rugged the road, the ROAD CLAW is the master of it’s terrain. Weighing in at approximately 275g, this is a great training shoe over any road conditions. Delivering a fast, natural and smooth ride with high levels of comfort, protection and grip.

Features include:

  • Built for flat, hard underfoot conditions, any road and flat trail / fire trail conditions.
  • Ultra smooth ride: Run effortlessly over any road conditions with unique POWERFLOW midsole technology. POWER FLOW delivers 10% better shock absorption and 15% better energy return than standard midsoles.
  • Maximum power transfer: Iconic Inov-8 outsole grip optimised for road running. Every gram of energy generated by the body is transferred to the road through the outsole, with TRI-C rubber compounds delivering traction throughout the gait cycle.
  • Ultimate Security: 100% sure-footed on any road surface. Grip and stability delivered through a patent-pending claw-cleat design.