Pearl Izumi Cold Black Arm Cover

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When worn together with half-sleeve jerseys, these provide you with perfect sunburn prevention. It uses a material called “Cold Black®,” which reflects direct sunlight to prevent inside temperatures from rising while also protecting you from sunburn. The area around the elbows, which do not get exposed to the sun, is made of mesh to ensure breathability, making this a highly functional item that keeps you cool and is also great for portability. The upper arm areas use non-slip materials that are gentle against the skin.



  1. Thermal reflection A function perfect for summer to stay cool.
  2. UV cut Cuts UV rays, the cause of sunburn and fatigue. UPF 50+ is the maximum value.
  3. Sweat-absorbing / fast-drying A material that absorbs and dries perspiration immediately.
  4. Antibacterial and deodorizing A material that prevents bad smells.
  5. Retroreflection A material that reflects light to increase visibility at night.
  6. Cold black® The exceptional UV cut protects the skin from sunburn.

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