COMPRESSPORT Unisex's Pro Racing Socks Flash Black - XU00009B_990

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  • $35.90 SGD
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High-performance black running sock with reflective strips for optimal ventilation, support and comfort on your nightly runs

Socks are one of the most critical choices an athlete has to make. Running in the dark adds an extra set of challenges, the most important being to stay visible. The black Fall-Winter edition of the Pro Racing Sock Run is kitted out with reflective stripes around the calf to help keep you visible and safe when training in dark conditions. As your feet alternately hit the ground, the stripes of these Flash running socks will reflect warning back to the driver behind or ahead of you. And high viz' does not mean low tech': specific fibres act as hot spot preventers to ensure feet do not overheat and remain cool, even on long runs. An original striped weave guarantees optimal ventilation, wicking away sweat and moisture to keep feet dry at all times. Cleverly-placed 3D.Dots increase grip in the shoe and protect the internal malleolus from bumps and bruises. Signature targeted compression improves blood flow, while the toe box is reinforced to reduce the risk of beaten up big toes and blue nails. Finally, a tight arch support boosts venous return and prevents the sock from twisting and causing blisters. Combine Compressport technologies with high-visibility reflective materials, and you are sure to complete your nightly runs in a Flash!

Reflective strips around the hem to help you stay visible and safe when training in dark conditions
Hot spot prevention thanks to specific fibres in targeted areas which stop your feet from feeling hot, burning up and developing blisters during running
Breathable and highly-ventilated fabric, ensuring sweat and moisture are quickly wicked away so feet stay fresh and dry