• 226ERS Vegan Gummy Bar 30g - Pectina Electrolyte Lime

226ERS Vegan Gummy Bar 30g - Pectina Electrolyte Lime

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Vegan Gummy Bar are a source of carbohydrates. 

They are 30g bars with a jelly texture that make them ideal for both training and in competitions, their bar format makes them easier to eat all at once.


  • Very pleasant to eat due to their texture; they are easy to chew and digest.
  • Easy to transport. Their single piece, 30 g bar format provides approximately the same energy as in a jelly format.
  • Mix of carbohydrates provides energy, with their main organic ingredients being golden sugar and rice syrup. So the energy you receive is of the highest quality, ensuring better assimilation of the carbohydrates.

Available in 3 varieties and 5 different flavours:

 SUB9 BCAA  MANGO: A very pleasant fruity flavour with contribution of BCAA in the ratio 8:1:1, Tyrosine and Taurine.

  • BCAA 8:1:1, Branched amino acids, leucine, valine and isoleucine are metabolised in the muscle, unlike most amino acids which are metabolised in the liver. They help preserve glycogen levels, in addition to having an anabolic effect (mainly thanks to leucine); they participate actively in the muscle recovery process.
  • TYROSINE: Involved in the production of the amino acids that maintain brain functioning, so it has a positive impact on mental energy and performance.
  • TAURINE: Increases strength and endurance naturally. Decreases protein catabolism. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and increases the oxidation of fats as an energy substrate.
  • SODIUM: Containing 60 mg of sodium per bar, this is essential for the functioning of cells, body fluids and the regulation of blood pressure, blood volume and pH.

 CAFFEINE  CHERRY-COLA: Cherry and cola flavour, containing Caffeine and Taurine for those who want a bit of a boost.

  • CAFFEINE: A Vegan Gummy Bar provides 50 mg of caffeine, which increases alertness and helps increase performance and reduce fatigue. It stimulates the mobilisation of fats by increasing the availability of fuel for muscle work; thus optimising glycogen reserves.
  • Provides the same amount of SODIUM and TAURINE as the SUB9 BCAA.

 ELECTROLYTE   Available in three flavours:

  • ORANGE: Natural aroma and sea salt, but no colouring have been used.
  • LIME: Made with sea salt and natural colouring (chlorophyll).
  • STRAWBERRY: Strawberry flavor with sea salt and carrot and blackcurrant color.

An Electrolyte Gummy Bar contains 125 mg of sodium, 27 mg of magnesium and 9 mg of potassium. Two gummy bars contain the same amount of mineral salt as a Sub9 Salt Electrolyte capsule.

TIPS: Ideal for those who need energy for both training and competitions and prefer not to use a jelly format. It is the closest thing to a 30-gram solid drink that provides energy and mineral salts.



PRODUCT STORAGE: Keep tightly closed in a cool and dry place.

EXPIRY: 15 months from date of manufacture.