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Subsequent to the successful sale of 2XU compression shorts, there is now the 2XU compression shorts with wide waistband, which offers all the advantages and additionally has a wide waistband, so that by the higher seat more support is offered yet. Integrated support Power mesh fabric on the collar increases comfort these shorts and ensures an optimal fit with movement, whether in squats or while stretching. It also develops the muscles to enclose the 2XU compression shorts to support a wide waistband not only breathable and light, but strong enough to all essential leg Muskulaturen. These shorts can be worn on its own, as a base layer for different activities or during the regeneration phase after exercise.


  • Reduced fatigue by reducing muscle vibration. 
  • Less muscle soreness. 
  • Reduced risk of long-term injuries caused by overuse. 
  • Higher output power. 
  • Improved proprioception - conscious perception of the individual limbs leads to increased agility.

. 1 Allows for great comfort Power mesh fabric on the collar, which is flat and an optimized fit.
. 2 The PWX FLEX fabric provides optimal strength and flexibility at the same time to deltoid, gluteal muscles, anterior and posterior thigh muscles and calf muscles to protect.
. 3 Graduated compression improves blood circulation to quicker recovery and less muscle soreness after exercise to achieve.
. 4 Avoid Flatlock seams friction points and increase comfort.
. 5 Powerful Invista LYCRA for exceptional seat, body support and regeneration.
. 6 High tensile filament yarn of more drought - wicks sweat away from the body and moves it to the outside.
. 7 Antibacterial and UVA 50+ sunscreen.

PWX technology
The PWX technology uses two unique fabric: PWX Compression and 105D / K. Each garment contains this improvement in product properties.

Main Features:
. 1 High-quality circular knitting for 360 ° extensibility and unsurpassed strength
. 2 Highest quality elastane with Invista Lycra
. 3 Antibacterial and moisture dissipative
. 4 UVA 50+ sunscreen
. 5 Flatlock seams for maximum comfort

What should I consider when trying on of 2XU compression garments?
Your 2XU Compression garment should fit the body and stuck without unpleasant to cut into the skin.

Please note the special Grössentabelle for PWX Compression

Material Composition: 72% nylon / 28% elastane + 93% nylon / 7% elastane