Aqua Sphere ErgoFlex.A - Black/Light Blue

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  • $35.00 SGD
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The Aqua Sphere Ergoflex Hand Paddles - Black/Light Blue are a resistance tool that builds your strength and improves your stroke. The paddles are designed to mimic the shape of your hand with a curved design. The textured hand pad provides support and keeps your hands in a more natural swimming position. 

  • Interconnected bones provide structure and resistance
  • Rubber frame maintains flexibility and feel for the water
  • Contoured fit mimics proper hand positioning and can flex to fit individual stroke mechanics
  • Ergonomic wide adjustable hand strap and finger loop are fully adjustable, durable and streamlined
  • Build your strength by adding resistance to your stroke
  • Improves your stroke technique by forcing you to push down with your fingertips and get into a proper pulling position
  • Increase your propulsion to swim closer to race speed


Small - Length 18.7cm x  Width 15.1cm
Medium - Length 22.5cm x Width 18.1cm