• Huub Men's Pinnacle Swimskin - Black
  • Huub Men's Pinnacle Swimskin - Black

Huub Men's Pinnacle Swimskin - Black

  • $399.00 SGD
  • $399.00 SGD
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The Pinnacle swimskin isn't your normal swimskin. It is HUUB researched and a scientifically developed piece of swim engineering... Developed with the best athlete and hydrodynamic equipment available, our exclusive 17 force plate M.A.D (Measurement of active Drag) system. 

Stability is a core tenant of proper swim position. By providing stability, the Pinnacle swimskin helps reduce fatigue due to vibration. Our technology and design use every stroke to help you propel forward and transfer energy from core stabilisation to forward movement. All of this adds to a more effective catch, keeps you in a straight and tight swimming position, and ultimately makes you faster while using less energy.

The Agilis swimskin has long been considered the best in the game, we took the lessons learnt in the development of this suit and tired to better what we work and where technology currently is and static nature of physics, they can't be improved. 

  • An exclusive collaboration design with Andy Potts. 
  • Core controlsystem
  • Specially selected hydrophobic fabrics 
  • Contoured compression to shape buoyancy profiles
  • Camlock zipper provides a fast transition.