• Huub Men's Race Tri Suit - Black/Red
  • Huub Men's Race Tri Suit - Black/Red
  • Huub Men's Race Tri Suit - Black/Red

Huub Men's Race Tri Suit - Black/Red

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HUUB Race Triathlon Suit Men

The new RaceLine sets you up to compete in high-performance clothing that meets the needs of every triathlete.
Your race clothing has to be a balance. Our RaceLine is a balance of quick-drying, aerodynamic comfort suitable for your triathlon event, no matter what the distance. New materials, new shaping, and new concepts provide comfort, as well as delivering a speed advantage over the three disciplines.
The HUUB RaceLine Full Sleeve Tri suit offers a 'Full Sleeve' for aero comfort and warmth during a duathlon or triathlon.
- Lightweight quick-drying Italian fabrics.
- Arms Neutral TM swim and aero performance sleeve design.
- Long sleeves for warmth and additional aero benefits.
- Coldblack® thermal management coating.
- Comfort leg and sleeve hems.
- Breathable mesh panels.
- Nutrition pockets.
- Made from high-performance Italian fabrics with Coldblack® technology, it guarantees a minimum UPF 30 protection when applied to any textile in any colour without affecting the look or feel of the product.
The back of the suit features mesh panels along the shoulder blades and sides of the spine to the lower back for better cooling. Please note this extra breathable and cooling mesh area will allow UV to pass through so we recommend wearing sun cream in hot races.
This Full Sleeve Tri Suit has a close body fit with front zip and side pockets for energy gels. The chamois location has been designed for modern bike fit methodology with a lightweight high density and low profile 3D padding.
Low friction, lower weight, plus lower fluid and heat absorption combined with a fit pattern unique to HUUB, we felt the days of research and testing have created a garment you'll never want to take off.
Fabric Content: 79% Polyamide /21% Elasthane