Huub Women's Anemoi 2 SUB22 FL - Dark Navy/White

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HUUB Design Anemoi 2 SUB22 Trisuit - dark navy/white

A new level of aerodynamic performance! The Anemoi 2 features fully taped seams for improved slipstream performance. Designed, improved and tested with aerodynamic experts and their extensive knowledge of aerodynamics and cycling to understand what makes a triathlete faster.

 Features of the HUUB Design Anemoi 2 SUB22 Trisuits

  • SUB22 - Optimal aerodynamics at speeds below 22mph.

  • Welded seams for improved windcheating performance

  • Exclusive Moov&Cool heat management coating to regulate temperature during competition in hot conditions

  • Designed and improved by Dan Bigham

  • Neoprene Trip Technology

  • Arms Neutral™ design aero efficiency

  • Aero back pocket

  • Longer arms and legs for aero benefits

  • Incredible time saving performance

Material 80% polyamide, 20% elastane