Pressio Men's Power Run Compression Tight

  • $139.30 SGD
  • $199.00 SGD
  • - $59.70 SGD

Pressio's Power Run Compression Tights utilizing MAPP technology is designed to make you run further, faster and help you back it up the next day. Our MAPP print will support your major run muscles, the quadriceps, and calves for greater compressive support to reduce soreness, swelling, enhance endurance and add protection to reduce overuse injuries. Coupled with our EcoPOWER CK high-powered fabric, this will also cradle the hamstring muscles and wrap the glutes for extra support plus, the perfectly drafted Lycra/Nylon yarn combination allows you to move freely elevating you towards your best. Three rear pockets for all your run essentials and Dye Free technology helps cut emissions, lower water use, and protect our waterways