Pearl Izumi Ignite Long Sleeved Jersey ( 323BL -19 )

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  • $199.00 SGD
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Product Description

A race fit model that has evolved with high breathability and easier movement, using a pin mesh stretch material that excels in sweat perspiration and quick drying. A long sleeve length and a slender silhouette, and a nature motif that expresses the comfort of riding that integrates with nature insist on individuality. The back pockets and the retro-reflection of both sleeves ensure night visibility.

  • 3 back pockets with 10cm zip fastener

Retro-reflection on the back of both sleeves to ensure night visibility

Retro-reflective bottom back pocket for night visibility

Hard to slip up Silicon processing on the hem

Lower collar for ease of moving the neck when leaning forward

Pivot sleeve with a super three-dimensional design that enhances the fit of the sleeves and sides and makes it easy to move the arm