• Pearl Izumi Speed Bib Pants ( T280-3DNP-1 )
  • Pearl Izumi Speed Bib Pants ( T280-3DNP-1 )

Pearl Izumi Speed Bib Pants ( T280-3DNP-1 )

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  • $239.00 SGD
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Product Description

Uses "Speed ​​Sensor ® II", an air resistance reduction material developed specifically for the effective speed range of road bikes. Bib pants made for cyclists who always seek high performance. The pad is equipped with a high-end pad "3D-Neo Plus" that supports any riding posture.

  • Uses "Cold Shade", a material that is cool and does not easily get sunburned
  • Seamless design in the front center for smooth pedaling

A new material "Speed ​​Sensor ® II" that reduces air resistance is placed in place

Russell tape with less tightening feeling

Retroreflective sides of both legs to ensure visibility at night

Material / Specifications

A cool feature that's perfect for summer. Reflects sunlight to suppress the temperature rise inside clothes.
Cuts UV rays that cause sunburn and fatigue / UPF value is the highest value of 50+
Compared to the state where you do not wear anything on your skin, you should not get sunburned to the same level unless you are exposed to the sun for 50 times longer Is shown.
Material that absorbs sweat and dries instantly

Material that suppresses the generation of unpleasant odors
Material that reduces air resistance
A material that reflects light that enhances visibility at night