TRNR Ice Ball - Black

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For instant relief from inflammation or swelling, look no further than the TRNR Ice Ball. The stainless steel ball contains a special cooling gel for prolonged cooling, while the uniquely designed silicone base provides a non-slip grip and enhanced control to better target any areas of concern. The steel ball can be used on its own to apply sustained bodyweight pressure to those hard-to-reach areas by simply unscrewing it from its socket. For a longer-lasting cooling effect, you can place the Ice Ball in the fridge for at least an hour.

• Stainless steel ball with encapsulated cooling gel delivers prolonged cooling
• Helps alleviate inflammation and swelling through vasoconstriction
• Numbs pain, ideal for instant temporary relief
• Use it to target the neck, arms, legs, and feet
• Non-slip silicone base enhances grip and control for precise targeting
• 360-degree easy-glide for effortless action
• Place it in the fridge for an hour for a more intense and lasting cooling effect  
• Unique custom design featuring TRNR logo