TRNR Power Straps - Silver

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  • $128.00 SGD
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The TRNR Power Straps will take your functional workouts to new heights, increasing not only your strength but also your flexibility and balance. Using bodyweight and instability, this incredible piece of equipment lets you activate all muscle groups - the core, chest, back, arms, and legs - for a total body workout. Exercises can be made more or less challenging, making the Power Straps suitable for all fitness levels - from beginners to professional athletes. Easy to set up on door frames, beams, pull-up/monkey bars, or even tree branches thanks to heavy-duty adjustable straps and the choice between two anchors, the Power Straps can be used in the comfort of your own home and almost anywhere outdoors. 

• Robust webbing and stitching
• Heavy-duty carabiners and clamps
• Adjustable straps with an easy-slide system to vary exercise intensity
• Custom, anti-slip handles with tough ABS core
• Combination grips allow for quick and easy switch between hands and feet
• Door anchor with protective coating prevents door damage