TRNR Strength Sliders - Black

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Challenge yourself through instability with the TRNR Strength Sliders and improve your core stability, overall strength, range of motion, and cardiovascular endurance. Allowing you to glide restriction-free in any direction, the Strength Sliders give you the opportunity to work multiple muscles simultaneously, engaging your deep abdominals, back, and pelvic floor muscles for stabilisation through the entire range of motion. This set of two Strength Sliders is an incredibly versatile addition to any fitness routine, delivering a full-body workout just about anywhere. With a dual-sided design, they can be used on a wide range of surfaces. The smooth side will be your choice for anything from carpets to grass, whereas the textured side will suit hardwood, laminate, and tile floors. Exercises can be made more or less difficult by widening or narrowing your feet or hands, making the Strength Sliders suitable for all fitness levels.

• Unique TRNR design for optimal hands/feet contact surface
• Dual surface suits all kinds of workout environments
• Lightweight and compact for easy workouts on-the-go
• Made from robust ABS for unmatched durability
• Ideal for HIIT, interval training, circuit training, fat loss, functional training, and physical therapy