PTP XL Workout Mat 10mm - Black

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  • $69.00 SGD
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The PTP XL Workout mat is an extra-large, durable mat designed for anyone who wants the best in comfort and protection. Its 10mm thickness provides optimal cushioning. At 183 x 71cm, this mat is perfect for taller individuals who need more space for their workouts. Lightweight and easy to clean, the PTP XL Workout mat is the perfect choice for those who take their fitness seriously.



Measuring 183 x 71cm, the PTP XL Workout mat is longer and wider than regular training mats, providing ample space for a variety of exercises. Unique design also sets it apart from other workout mats on the market. Eyelets provide a convenient and space efficient storage option. Made from high quality durable material, the PTP XL Workout mat can withstand intense workouts without tearing. It's lightweight and very easy to clean.


- Extra large original design.
- 10mm thickness for maximum cushioning and support.
- Designed with two eyelets 3cm diameter (50cm apart) for easy storage.
- Designed to withstand a tough performance, it can handle intense workouts with shoes without breaking or tearing.