Brooks Men's Hyperion Tempo - D064

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Fast workouts

DNA FLASH foam is nitrogen infused for an optimal combination of energy return and light weight that adapts to your unique stride and allows you to run fast

  • DNA FLASH is engineered from ultra-lightweight materials so none of this weighs you down.
  • Our cushioning technologies all start with DNA because they react to your unique stride.


Quick recovery

The combination of light weight, a responsive ride, and soft cushioning helps the shoe absorb impact during a hard workout — allowing you to quickly get back to the grind.


Performance fit

The breathable stretch-woven upper moves with your foot to provide maximum comfort.

  • This helps keep your feet at a cool temperature even on hot days.

Origin stories: the Hyperion Tempo


At the first Elite Athlete Summit in May 2018, one of our athletes told us that we needed a shoe that was specifically designed for training, where you need to put in the work to get stronger. The BlueLine team immediately went to work.


We developed DNA Flash, a nitrogen injected midsole foam that has the perfect blend of lightweight, responsive, and soft cushioning, added a little bit of Run Signature biomechanics science and voila — a shoe built to help you reach your goals quicker. Since its inception the Hyperion Tempo has become a runner favorite.