CEP Men's Hiking Merino Mid-Cut Socks - Stone Grey/Grey

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The next one-day or multi-day tour on challenging terrain is just around the corner? Start with the Hiking Merino Mid Cut Socks and leave nothing to chance! The activating medi compression ensures a plus in energy and stability, the excellent wearing comfort promotes your concentration. This interaction makes the mid-cut women's socks from CEP Sportswear perfect companions. Even outside your hiking boots, they make a big impression with their trendy style.

Safe hiking thanks to stabilizing compression effect

In order to master challenging passages confidently, good surefootedness is essential. Here, the medi compression provides the necessary stability. The targeted pressure profile activates depth-sensory stimulation and improves your self-perception. You feel your ankles better and appear more safely - for active hiking tours without compromise.

Nature plus high-tech: the strong duo for excellent wearing comfort

Natural or synthetic? The Hiking Merino Mid Cut Socks combine the advantages of both. They owe their temperature-balancing and moisture-wicking properties to the merino content. Microfiber and elastane guarantee that they sit on the foot like a second skin. This minimizes friction and counteracts blistering.

Further features for extended hiking tours with comfort

If it goes over stick and stone, you benefit from the additional cushioning through the cushions in the foot area of the socks. The finishing of the material with silver is just as pleasant: the precious metal inhibits the growth of bacteria and reduces the development of odors. An effect that you will appreciate at the latest when you take off your hiking boots.