CEP Men's Infrared Recovery Socks Tall - Blue

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Quicker recovery: Infrared Recovery Compression Socks for Men

Before and after athletic activities: Do you have an ambitious training program? Do you want to quickly bounce back after your workout or competition? The Infrared Recovery Compression Socks for Men will help you achieve your goals. The combination of proven compression and SMART INFRARED technology has an activating, circulation-enhancing effect.

Activation of blood circulation through compression

medi compression is the key: It gives your legs a noticeably fresher feeling for enhanced performance. Technology drives accelerated recovery in these compression socks for men.

Perfect balance with SMART INFRARED technology

Compression in the Infrared Recovery Compression Socks has an even greater effect when paired with SMART INFRARED technology. The high-tech yarn blend reflects heat back to the muscles to improve microcirculation. The result: even faster recovery.

Harmonious balance between intelligent functionality and comfort

Last, but not least: The compression socks for men not only help you achieve your ambitious athletic goals, they also fit like a second skin, feature maximum breathability and superior moisture management. More effective, faster recovery and a comfortable fit: Take advantage of all the benefits of the Infrared Recovery Compression Socks and order them from the CEP Activating Sportswear web shop today.

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