CEP Unisex's Ortho Knee Brace - Black/Grey

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About this item

  • PROGRESSIVE CEP Ortho+ Knee Brace for men and women features targeted compression to stabilize the knee joint, alleviate pain and swelling and assist with recovery by improving the circulation of blood and necessary fluids to injured body areas.
  • MAINTAIN a full range of motion with the silicone support structure that reduces pressure on the knee cap during flexing. Lateral bracing bars and a cushioned knee cap pad add extra support so athletes can move and play with unhindered effort.
  • FOCUS on the game and not your knee with the 3D anatomical design that reduces uncomfortable and distracting pinching and bunching around the knee while keeping the brace firmly in place throughout its entire use.
  • AVOID and recover from injuries and avoid muscle and joint soreness with this medically certified device that is created and tested to meet the highest standards in medical manufacturing with both anatomy and athleticism in mind.
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART synthetic fiber material, more advanced than the commonly used neoprene in other braces, works to resist moisture build-up and odor. This innovative design is effective for well over 150 wears and washes.