CEP Women's Compression Low Cut Socks 3.0 : WP4AVX

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  • $29.90 SGD
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Short & compact, but thoroughly effective: Meet the Compression Low Cut Socks 3.0. They fit perfectly in your shoes thanks to their optimized design. The anatomically optimized skin-tight fit and breathable fabric prevent blisters from forming. The socks fit like a glove and stay put no matter how you move. You also benefit from deep sensory stimulation in your ankles, which stabilizes your feet and reduces the risk of injury.

- The close fit and proven blend of materials help prevent blisters.
- No slipping thanks to the anatomical design and skin-tight fit.
- Deep sensory stimulation of joints for greater stability and fewer injuries.


Suitable for:

Athletes, Cyclist, Endurance Athletes, Fitness, Runner