CEP Women's Hiking Merino Socks - Green/Grey

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Hiking Merino Socks: Women’s hiking socks with a performance-enhancing effect

Boost your stamina on demanding multi-day treks with the Hiking Merino Socks! These advanced hiking socks for women bring together the best of nature and technology: Performance-activating compression and the unique comfort of merino wool. Stay completely focused on the trail and enjoy each hiking day to the fullest.

medi compression for more energy and faster recovery

Feel good and hike longer: Compression in the women’s hiking socks makes your legs feel noticeably lighter and full of energy thanks to an improved supply of important nutrients. At the same time, the increased blood flow facilitates lactate metabolism. Another activating effect reveals itself on multi-day trips: You recover faster and start the day fit and full of energy again the next morning.

Hike safely and blister-free – with compression

Wrinkles are the number one cause of blisters when socks keep slipping in your hiking boots. These compressive women’s hiking socks have a wrinkle-free, non-slip design and are guaranteed to fit like a glove. Blisters? No thanks. The asymmetric toe box of the Hiking Merino Socks precisely follows the silhouette of your foot while the targeted compression stimulates your joints with a deep sensory effect. You can feel every step better, which gives you greater stability and more accurate footwork – even on the most challenging paths.

Merino wool for excellent heat and moisture management in changing temperatures

Merino wool is a proven natural fiber that is ideal for hiking socks. It has a structure that promotes thermal balance with a warming effect when it’s cold and a cooling effect in hotter temperatures. Another great feature is its superior moisture management, which keeps your feet fresher, drier and fitter – even after a long day of hiking.

The Hiking Merino Socks are perfect for high-energy hiking activities. Get ready for new challenges in these innovative women’s hiking socks by CEP Sportswear – and buy the Hiking Merino Socks online!