CEP Women's Infrared Recovery Socks Tall - Black/Black

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Faster recovery: Infrared Recovery Compression Socks for Women

Made especially for power-packed training schedules: The Infrared Recovery Compression Socks for Women help you recover faster. The key is the activating, circulation-enhancing combination of SMART INFRARED technology and compression. You’re ready for your next workout in no time, so you can reach your goals faster.

Compression activates blood circulation and the supply of oxygen

medi compression has demonstrated its proven efficacy for years. You immediately feel the effect: Your legs feel fresher for enhanced performance thanks to an improved supply of oxygen and nutrients. The technology in these compression socks for women also drives accelerated recovery.

Dream team: Compression and SMART INFRARED technology

Pairing it with SMART INFRARED technology unleashes the full potential of the compression effect. The innovative yarn blend reflects your body’s heat. This improves microcirculation in your muscles. The result: even faster recovery.

Harmonious balance between functionality and comfort

Even with all the functional benefits that support you during your athletic activities, comfort remains key. The compression socks for women deliver impressive performance thanks to their perfect fit, superior moisture management and maximum breathability.

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