Compressport Fast Cup - Red

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Gone are the days were plastic beakers were strewn across the mountain after each aid station. The foldable Fast Cup is a mandatory requirement on ultra trail equipment lists to help reduce waste and littering. Weighing in at just 7 grams, this soft trail cup is featherlight and extremely durable, with a total capacity of 200ml. A rigid rim and ergonomic thumb loop offer added stability for easy filling and slosh-free drinking on the run. Heat-resistant, the container is designed to hold hot drinks as well as cold, and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. It is guaranteed 100% BPA and PVC free so you can safely reuse it race after race. Simply clip it onto your pack for easy access or fold and slide into a vest or belt pocket. No matter which event you have chosen, the Fast Cup is a practical and durable companion for eco-friendly refueling wherever you race.


Collapsible for easy packing or stowing out on the trail

Made from100% BPA & PVC free plastic, the cup is safe and durable so you can use, wash and use again.

UTMB-approved: the cup meets the requirements of the UTMB compulsory equipment list for a reusable liquid container