Compressport Men's Tri Postural Aero SS Top - White/Red

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Designed specifically for the rigours of trail racing, our next generation compression T-shirt - Trail Postural range is here to help you with fatigue management and refuelling, so you can focus on your running. The soft, seamless microfibre fits likes a second skin thanks to the new Ergo Fit, eliminating chafing and quickly wicking away sweat. The material is woven from dyed fibres, resulting in better durability and less transparency. Our signature Spin Control technology helps maintain correcture posture, even when fatigue sets in. Optimised thermoregulation and heat protection keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's not. The higher neck adds comfort and protection if the weather suddenly turns, while a full-length zip can be opened for extra aeration. Our reviewed sleeve design frees up the shoulder area for complete range of motion. You can easily carry running essentials thanks to the 4-compartment, wrap-around Freebelt. Its elasticated fabric allows for flexible capacity and access is child’s play thanks to the dedicated tabs: you no longer have to fish around for hours to reach your energy bars! The belt is approved bounce-free by our pros and stops the shirt from riding up, no matter how fast you're hurtling down the hill. An asymmetrical striped design and our classic racing logos complete the super-fast look.



Perfect anatomical fit for ultimate comfort and zero chafing, including integrated postural support to help keep shoulders straight and core engaged during effort

Trail-specific pockets with easy access thanks to the special tabs and elasticated fabric; carrying essentials on the trail has never been easier

Optimal thermoregulation and heat protection thanks to the specific microfibre fabric, which keeps you cool when it's hot and warm when it's not



XS 84-89 33-35
S 90-95 35.5-37.5
M 96-101 38-39.5
L 102-107 40-45
XL 108-113 42.5-44.5