Compressport Pro Racing Cap - (CU00003B-990-OTU)

  • $39.90 SGD
  • $59.00 SGD
  • - $19.10 SGD

ften, small details make all the difference. The articulated, curved peak on our super-light Pro Racing Cap allows you to tip it up for maximum visibility, or pull it down to protect your eyes and face from the glaring sun. The extremely breathable fabric does not retain moisture, should you throw a little extra water over your head to cool down. The fast-drying, anti-bacterial toweling fabric on the inside of the peak is very soft and absorbs perspiration for optimal comfort without pressure. The top of your head remains covered by a lightweight opaque fabric for extra protection without compromising ventilation. The stretchy mesh adjustment band fits snugly to any head shape and doesn't fly off when you pick up speed. Whether you're heading to Chamonix, Gran Canaria or taking on Hardrock, make sure you pack this summer trail running cap in case the sun decides to light up the party.


Ultra-light, ventilated and fast-drying mesh fabric which quickly wicks away sweat and prevents overheating during intense sports activity

Full-head sun protection thanks to opaque, breathable mesh covering the top of the head

Articulated visor which can be lowered for increased sun protection, or raised to widen field of vision