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Have you ever agonised over where to hide the car key or plotted your route around local fountains?

The Freebelt answers a lot of annoying questions and is opening up a world of possibility for carrying nutrition and personal belongings during sport.

The single, flexible mesh compartment wraps around the hips and easily holds a phone, keys and nutrition.

A hydration flask and extra layer can also be fitted without worrying about uncomfortable bouncing.

Elasticated bands allow for rapid, easy access.

The ergonomic design and stretchable fabric allow the belt to sit snugly over your hips for total freedom of the upper body.

It is soft, well-ventilated and comfortable for chafe-free activity.

A little narrower and smaller than the Freebelt Pro, the smart and simple Freebelt is ideal for training runs, marathons and any other sports activity requiring a small pack and bare necessities.