• Compressport Unisex Pro Racing Socks V3.0 Trail - Nile Blue ( TSHV3-508 )

Compressport Unisex Pro Racing Socks V3.0 Trail - Nile Blue ( TSHV3-508 )

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Extreme stability green crew sock for optimal support and protection on uneven terrain and trails

Trail running is not road running: feet are constantly required to flex, compensate and adapt to ever-changing terrain, and footwear must be carefully-chosen. The third generation of the famous Pro Racing Sock Trail offers even more stability than previous models. The fabric is well-ventilated thanks to an original airy-weaving design, wicking away sweat and moisture to keep feet dry at all times. Higher than the Run Sock, the trail sock for men and women offers increased protection to the lower leg and ankles. The thicker, denser 3D.Dots cleverly prevent bruising on the inside leg and malleolus caused by flying feet, while stability wings on either side grip the base of the calf for added comfort. On the mid and fore-foot sections, the dots combined with a 360° arch support prevent the material from twisting, reducing the risk of blisters and offering reassuring stability in rocky terrain. Targeted compression boosts blood flow, while the newly-reinforced toe box protects toes and nails on fast, jarring descents. Pull on our redesigned, stealthy off-road socks for optimised stability and performance on your biggest trail adventures.

Hot spot prevention thanks to specific fibres in targeted areas which stop your feet from feeling hot and burning up during running
Increased stability and proprioception for a reassuring, supportive feel and hightened foot awareness, allowing you to be highly consciousness of foot placement in rough and rocky terrain
Reinforced fabric in key areas to protect ankle, toes and nails from the rough demands of trail running and increase the overall durability of the sock