Compressport Unisex's R2 3.0 - Magnet/Autumn Glory

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Key benefits

Improved balance and stability through textured fibular stripes which stimulate proprioceptors, increasing grip and reducing the chance of sprained ankles

High-level muscle support to the calves, decreasing the risk of injury and cramps through targeted 360-degree compression

Targeted waffle knit zones promote microcirculation, reducing inflammation as well as stomach problems over long distance runs


The R2v2 compression sleeves are perhaps our most iconic product. Seen everywhere from practice sessions to podiums thanks to their unrivalled comfort and support, these scientifically-designed sleeves have revolutionised compression-wear. Whilst it’d be easy for us to rest on our laurels, we’ve only kept innovating, and we’re now proud to present the evolution of the R2v2… the R2 3.0. To build on the classic, we took all the features that made the R2v2 so well-respected: like its exclusive seamless multi-gradual compression, the quick-drying fabric and the purposely designed K-Protect knee tab designed to reduce shock and combined them with even more revolutionary details. The new Fibular Stripes activate proprioception to increase balance and stability, meaning less sprains out on the trail. Whilst targeted horizontal waffle knit areas promote microcirculation and lymphatic flow, reducing shin splints & inflammation. And for when the sun goes down, we added a reflective logo to the back of the sleeve for heightened visibility. After learning of a recent scientific report which showed that compression sleeves can help reduce stomach problems after strenuous activity, we honed these waffle knit zones to further promote blood flow around the body and reduce intestinal damage. In short, no more stomach-cramp-induced DNFs. Whether you’re jogging around the park or you’re halfway through the Barkley Marathons, the R2 3.0 will support you in going the extra mile.