Compressport Unisex's R2 Aero - Black

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Key benefits

Proven aerodynamic performance with aero stripes and aero.dots technology to reduce drag and increase speed

Ultralight fabric around the calf for high-performance ventilation and comfort when racing in hot conditions

High-level muscle support to the calves, decreasing the risk of injury and cramps through targeted 360-degree compression


It’s no secret, our R2v2 compression sleeve revolutionised sportswear, setting a new standard for compression sleeves and earning spots on countless podiums in the process. Our R2 Aero sleeve goes even further, developed in a wind tunnel used by Formula One racing teams, it’s our most aerodynamic compression sleeve yet—designed with high-speed bike events in mind. A combination of our unique Aero.Stripes and Aero.Dots create micro-turbulence at the front of the calf and reduce drag, whilst ventilation stripes at the rear keep things cool even when the heat is on. And as this is an R2 sleeve, we’ve still made sure they give you the optimum comfort and support. When put to the test, the R2 Aero sleeve showed a proven gain in power of between seven and eight watts when compared to cycling without sleeves. Over long distances like the 180k you spend spinning the pedals during an Ironman®, that’s not just saving seconds, that’s saving minutes. And when every second counts, a minute really counts.