Compressport Women's Aero SS Trisuit - Black/Jazzy Top

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Designed specifically for the challenges of triathlon



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It is fair to say that triathlon wear has evolved dramatically over the last few years and we have been working tirelessly with our athletes to develop the new-generation Aero SS Trisuit. All materials are reviewed to bring the weight down, and the performance up. The result is an ultra-lightweight, aerodyamic and ergonomic one-piece suit aimed at helping you smash your goals. Targeted compression panels around the quads and glutes provide maximum support to limit muscle vibration, improve bloodflow and delay fatigue. The 3D thermoregulating fabric provides maximal body temperature control in all conditions, while special ventilation is integrated in the back and sleeves, garanteeing fast drying when you come out of the swim. The suit also features a micro-perforated, integrated pad that quickly wicks away moisture to avoid painful chafing on the bike and run. The sleeves are fitted with a no-rub, flat seam around the bicep to ensure they stay put. The flat, full-length zip can be opened for added ventilation, but also means the suit is very easy to get in and out of; especially convenient if you have to roll it up under a swimskin, or need a quick toilet stop on the run! The upper body overlaps the lower half over the belly, further improving comfort. A 3-section, no-bounce pocket wraps from hip to hip and makes refuelling easy. Finally, the high-tech silicone crotch grip positions you perfectly in the saddle and guarantees you can put down full power without sliding forward. The Aero SS Trisuit is engineered for performance, and we can't wait to see you racing in it!


3D Thermo Ultralight

A 3D knit creates a thermal mattress made of ventilation channels and air cushions. It prevents direct contact with the skin and controls temperature variations between surrounding air and the skin. Body temperature stays at its normal internal level, 36-37.5°, so that the organism functions correctly.

Automatic zip lock
Energy pocket

Key Benefits

Enhanced aerodynamic design with second-skin fit and long sleeves for maximum effectiveness in a time-trial position

Optimised for triathlon with light, integrated pad, mesh pockets for nutrition and outer silicone grip for perfect, no-slip positioning on the saddle

Maximum thermoregulation thanks to specific microfibre weave and ventilation panels which help control body temperature during intense effort