• ForceField Premium Cleaner

ForceField Premium Cleaner

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  • $23.90 SGD
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Product Features:

● Cleansing formula with up to 98.3% pure natural ingredients
● Can be 100% biodegradable, friendly to the environment
● At the same time will not cause any impact on the user
● Can be used for cleaning leather, canvas, rubber and mesh materials
● Use with the original special brush
● Fully wash away the dirt, keep your favorite shoes as new as long as possible
● Not suitable for nubuck and suede

Instructions for use:
1. Shake the bottle evenly before use, keep it about 10 cm away from the object, and spray evenly
2. Then use a special cleaning brush to clean the dirty surface. After cleaning, wipe off the surface cleaner with a dry cloth. It is recommended to use a waterproof agent to delay the dirty time