• SIGG Pulsar SPORT 0.75L - White

SIGG Pulsar SPORT 0.75L - White

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No leaks – something you can rely on with the Pulsar. The SureSnap® valve solution integrated in the mouthpiece guarantees this even when the lid is open. Use is equally straightforward. The bottle is easy to open and close with just your mouth. Thanks to the shape of the 0.75-litre bottle, the Pulsar is a perfect fit for the hand, while slight pressure on the soft bottle is enough to ensure perfect flow of the drink. This means it’s great not just for cycling but also for spinning classes, in the gym and for many other sporting activities. It goes without saying that the Pulsar is very practical in other areas too. It is easy to fill with liquid, ice and powder and is perfect for mixing isotonic drinks. The reason for all these benefits? This bottle was developed with the champions from the Swiss National Cycling Team. The result: robust, resistant materials in combination with a progressive, minimalist design. Other brilliant features: the Pulsar is free from BPA and phthalates and is designed for use over many years!


Height: 23.6 cm    Ø: 7.3 cm   Weight: 76 gr