• SKINS Unisex Compression MX Calf Sleeve 3-Series - Cyan

SKINS Unisex Compression MX Calf Sleeve 3-Series - Cyan

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The SKINS 3-SERIES MX Calf Sleeves reduce muscle damage caused by the negative effects of muscle vibrations. Gradient compression promotes blood flow and oxygen supply to the active muscles and reduces lactate deposits. Designed for both men and women, they combine our best compression technology with durable high-tech fabrics to support and stabilize the lower leg, reducing the risk of injury and providing optimal comfort.

Properties for the Skins compression clothing:
- A supportive stirrup reduces the vibrations in the calf muscle when you hit the floor.
- Silver reflective skins logos
- 77% polyester, 23% elastane
- Made in Madagascar

Areas of application for the Skins 3-Series MX Calf Sleeves:
- fitness, weight training
- Trail running, obstacle course, climbing
- all ball sports such as soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, golf, badminton, squash
- Athletics, triathlon