Trigger Point Grip Caps and Strap - Black/Grey

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  • $35.00 SGD
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Enjoy the use of an extra gym bag created with GRID Caps & Strap and a hollow core GRID foam roller. This new creation provides storage and safely stores gym necessities to be used on-the-go.
Size :
7.5 cm (Height) x 12.5 cm (Diameter) x 0.5 kg (Weight)

Suitable and ideal for
Users of TriggerPoint hollow rollers including models GRID, GRID 2.O, GRID X, CHARGE and CARBON
GRID caps and strap is an accessory. When attaching to certain models of hollow core foam roller, it will transform into a gym bag for safe storage of gym necessities and use.

Easy-to-open caps when pressed firmly to both sides of a foam roller, fits perfectly, creating the bag. The adjustable 4-foot strap attaches to each end, enabling users to put the new gym bag over shoulders easily.

This accessory is compatible only to hollow foam rollers models including GRID, GRID 2.O, GRID X, CHARGE AND CARBON.
A new gym bag can be easily created using GRID caps & strap with certain models of hollow core foam rollers.

Easy-to-operate mechanism fixes both caps to either side of a hollow foam roller and the bag is ready to be used.

Adjustable strap attaches on each end makes this new gym bag easy to be carried over the shoulder comfortably.