ZOGGS Vision- Black/Black - Clear Lens

  • $49.90 SGD
  • $49.90 SGD
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Swim with perfect Vision. This corrective lens goggle is designed for short sighted swimmers.
Sold with no lens. Dioptre lenses can be purchased and swapped in and out to customise each eye to your specific needs. Dioptre lenses are available in a range of –2.0 to –8. Dioptre lenses are sold separately and individually.

Our patented ‘click & fasten’ mechanism allows the lenses to be swapped with ease whilst maintaining a secure, leak-free fixing.

Silicone gaskets offer an ultra-lightweight, perfectly contoured fit for a secure, reliable and extremely comfortable seal around the eyes.


  • Dioptre lenses available in –2.0 to –8.
  • Patented ‘click & fasten’ mechanism for ease of lens changing and security.
  • Silicone gaskets for a secure, reliable and extremely comfortable fit.
  • Split Strap with Easy Adjustment