2XU Compression Run 2019

The 2XU Compression Run is the most anticipated event for the running community in Singapore. Delivering quality and excellence, the 2XU Compression Run pushes all athletes to their limits and giving each a chance to cross the finish line with a feeling of pure success.

2XU Compression is a central component for athletes as they prepare themselves for this premium event. From the beginner to the elite, 2XU garments take everybody beyond what they thought possible; enabling them to train smarter, perform better and recover faster. 2XU’s mission, to multiply human performance, brings out the athlete spirit, pushes physical limit and maximises the potential of all athletes.

The 2XU Compression Run is suited to every urban fitness warrior and top-level athletes.

Grab a friend, and register yourselves here


  • Posted by Suresh on

    Look forward to enjoy my rum and improve endurance.

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